We at EDISON see ourselves as an involved and influential element in society. As such, we are responsible for the happenings around us and act out of full responsibility to the world, human beings, the community, our customers, partners, distributors and employees. This responsibility is expressed in a long legacy of conducting business dealings out of concern, which today represents an inseparable part of our business strategy. Through the same legacy of doing we act to implement standards and operational methods of corporate responsibility throughout the Group.

EDISON has long adhered to the most stringent international standards for maintaining eco-friendly manufacturing processes. There are no objectionable materials, dyes or chemicals used in the production of our fabrics and garments that may potentially present a threat to the health and wellbeing of our workers, customers or the environment.

    • Reducing the Company’s carbon footprint
    • Further improving its waste & water management
    • Developing & introducing more sustainable products
    • (AD)Dressing a sustainable future within the suply chain
    • Creating a better workspace and enhancing the workforce’s sustainable culture

EDISON give a part of his earn to poor people’s/orphans child as whatever can able to do...... every month by using its “EDISON CHARITABLE FOUNDATION”. EDISON believes “everyone who born in this world need to be helpful at least any small to others who expecting a bit of rice at least from others.........EDISON don’t want to put their ADVERETISEMENT about this more here....... and It request you to give whatever you can to others..........and saying thanks for keep this words with you...........

This are only the beginning of a long journey, which we have yet much to learn, plan and do. We have many challenges and goals along this road. However, we believe that together with our various stateholders we will be able to ensure a better future for our society.

“Will do always best..............will come all the best...........”

We welcome you to join us.